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Search for: Search. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Way too many characters to focus on. The switching between the use of first name, last name, their title was too much. Nov 20, Pamela G. Brice rated it it was amazing. It was good from front to the back.

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Jun 25, Rachel Brown rated it it was amazing. Fabulous fun read! This book is the follow up to Ms. Bowen's "Church Folk" which I have not read. I kept going back and forth from this book.. We're talking about highly-educated people in many cases, and I, for one, don't know any educated black folk that talk like this, but that could be just me.

I also struggled a bit with the fact that even the "good" preachers were noticing things like double D's sitting in the next pew over. For me, especially near the beginning of the book, I felt that the personalities and events worked to hard to prop up the stereotype of black church-going folk Yes, sometimes people DO fall out Having said THAT, I did eventually get over it as the story delved deeper into the inner workings of the church and focused more on it's "good" preachers.

The premise of THIS double-cross is truly original, and the fact that one of our "good" preachers also doubles as an FBI agent only adds to the fun. I love the interactions between the preachers and their wives - they are written well and true-to-life.

There is a huge assortment of characters, but Ms. Bowen introduces them into the story in such a fashion that there's no getting mixed up as to who is who. The paradox of how to get rid of the bad influence in the church while striving to do it in a Christian manner and sometimes failing is also at times totally hilarious. I think that if you read this story with an eye towards the fact that it is simply supposed to be an enjoyable read and not a treatise on black churches in America : , you WILL enjoy it.

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I know I did. George Wilson had seen many a caske tin his day, but he'd never seen one like this. First, the casket was painted a sparkling lime-green. Even the metal casket rack was lime-green.

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Then it was trimmed in gold. But as if that weren't enough, the casket had pictures of Old Daddy painted on both sides. It troubled his soul that two of his bishops had died under some very awful circumstances, and were involved with activities that put their eternal souls in jeopardy. Folks needed to quit playing around and toying with Hell like that. It was as if theses people thought that they would die and then discover that somebody had conveniently slipped "Get Out of Hell Free" cards in their caskets. Book Rating: 3. Jun 27, Bookventures Book Club rated it it was ok.

Who knew that a holy place, a place of gathering and worship can also be the perfect setting for Politics, Crime and Corruption. More Church Folks takes a stab at the issue with a comical and at times incredulous twist.

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The idea behind the story was relevant and gripping and it really had me thinking about all those church organizations here at home. Like Andrea Bowen, we question their true allegiance too and there are a lot of Babatundes, Caruthers and Hemphills amongst our church folks. But s Who knew that a holy place, a place of gathering and worship can also be the perfect setting for Politics, Crime and Corruption. But sadly aside from relating to the plot, there was little else that grabbed my attention.

My first issue with this book is oddly the same issue I had with The Twilight Saga Eclipse; too much narration. We want to discover them on our own either through dialogue or through skillful prose. With More Church Folk, there was nothing that was left a mystery or left to the imagination of the readers. Another issue that I had was the exaggeration of African American Culture in the story. Julie Knitting and Sundries reviewed this book and noted that the author over exaggerated African American culture.

Initially and very foolishly I disagreed with her thinking that African American culture made good fodder for the type of drama More Church Folks would bring. After reading the book myself I am proud to say I was wrong. With my issues aside, I really think that the plot was very original and for most of us very relatable. It was such a great idea to set the story in a gospel church since those congregations tend to be full of energy and lots and lots of drama.

I liked all of the characters, even the bad ones because they each brought something different to the story.

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It usually connotes irritation, disgust or disbelief. Feb 20, Charlotte rated it it was ok. I really tried to read this book for our book club Anytime I can't get halfway through a book on the first day, it's time to put it down.. I'm curious to see what the other members thought of this book.

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Mar 05, Caroline rated it it was amazing. I really enjoyed this story and the colorful characters that came to life in its telling. As the long-awaited triennial conference finally arrives, the descriptions of the procession of bishops and bishop hopefuls had me holding my sides from laughing. A leopard cape and alligator shoes with leopard trim? This is just one example of the types of ostentatious regalia flaunted by those flamboyant clergymen and bishops at the triennial conference.

As the story advances it is clear that physical a I really enjoyed this story and the colorful characters that came to life in its telling. As the story advances it is clear that physical accouterments only go so far in accumulating points to the top. A nefarious contingent of clergy discover their own magic bullet - or "magic potion" - which they plan to covertly sell in order to buy seats for the bishops of their own choosing.

Their objective in procuring a naturally-made drug from its original manufacturer in Africa goes awry; the result, a toxic street version, comes to represent the corruption that simmers beneath a pretense of righteousness, and threatens to boil over at any time. As repercussions from the drug begin to rise with alarming gravity, the tension also mounts, but Bowen keeps the humor coming, particularly when she describes some of the effects this elixir produces on those who imbibe it - or on those who take too much.

Would it be asking too much for Ms. Bowen to write an "Even More Church Folk? Jan 30, Candace rated it liked it. This was interesting. I read some of the other reviews beforehand and while I don't think that made me biased, I noticed the flaws that were pointed out and I ended up agreeing with them.

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The story is good, even though I was hoping it would be more about Theophilius, Essie and their family. I liked the plot and the characters were great. I enjoyed reading this because it's really cool to be taken back to the black church and be reminded of an experience completely unique to black people.