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In each case, there is an opening assertion which is followed by a powerful exhortation addressed to the readers:. So when it comes to the text , we know that it was written by an unknown, male, second-generation, anonymous author prior to the destruction of the Temple in AD 70 and most likely originated as a series of sermons possibly 3 messages in which the author asserted that God in these last days revealed himself through Jesus his Son and that Jesus was the great high priest who brought a once-for-all sacrifice for us so we can draw near to God with confidence.

Messages from the Epistle to the Hebrews

The mission of Biblical Foundations is to help restore the biblical foundations for the family, the church, and society. In order to help believers defend biblical, historic Christianity, this site provides biblically based, theologically grounded, and missionally oriented resources on a variety of topics.

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Longing to See All the World Rest on Biblical Foundations The mission of Biblical Foundations is to help restore the biblical foundations for the family, the church, and society. Furthermore, Jesus became the permanent and perfect High Priest, going beyond all other priests by offering Himself as a sinless sacrifice on behalf of the sins of human beings —26; Throughout its pages, Hebrews makes clear that Jesus Christ exceeds all other people, pursuits, objects, or hopes to which human beings offer allegiance.

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Hebrews pictures Jesus as better than the angels, as bringing better lives to humanity through salvation, as offering a better hope than the Mosaic Law could promise, as a better sacrifice for our sins than a bull or a goat, and as providing a better inheritance in heaven for those who place their faith in Him Hebrews ; ; ; ; Jesus is indeed superior to all others. The writer to the Hebrews showed these Jewish Christian believers that, though they were faced with suffering, they were indeed following a better way.

The ancients created idols fashioned of wood and stone. Modern society has set aside that type of idol in favor of new idols—idols of fancy gadgets, material wealth, a comfortable lifestyle, and even our children.

Who Wrote the Book of Hebrews?

Human beings have seen and experienced the limitless bounty of idolatry, where we place some created object or person in the place of the one true God. What idols do you hold dear in your life? The letter to the Hebrews makes clear that only one Person deserves to hold the primary place in our lives. While we are busy idolizing our move up the corporate ladder or placing all our hopes in our kids, Jesus offers us a better position, a better priest, a better covenant, a better hope, and a better sacrifice.

Only when we give Jesus His rightful place in our lives will everything else in life fall into its rightful place. Read Scripture.

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  7. A very Jewish letter. Jesus is superior to angels who delivered the Torah, God's Word, to the Israelites, and all other messengers. We should pay attention to His message.

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    6. Jesus leads His people like Moses led the Israelites. Do not rebel and lose out on God's gracious offer to enter into a new creation. Morally flawless, Jesus is the ultimate priest and mediator between humans and God.

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