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His most popular and best-known work is contained in fast-moving parodies , homages or even straight reconstructions of traditional space-opera adventures. He wrote several named series of these: notably the Deathworld series three titles, starting in , the Stainless Steel Rat books 12 titles, from , and the sequence of books about Bill, the Galactic Hero seven titles, from These books all present interesting contradictions: while being exactly what they might superficially seem to be, unpretentious action novels with a strong streak of humour, they are also satirical, knowing, subversive, unapologetically anti-military , anti-authority and anti-violence.

Harrison wrote such novels in the idiom of the politically conservative hack writer , but in reality he had a liberal conscience and a sharp awareness of the lack of literary values in so much of the SF he was parodying. Adi Robertson agreed: "His books toed the line between science fiction adventure, humor, and satire, often with a strong anti-military bent informed by his time in the US Army Air Corps. During the s and s, he was the main writer of the Flash Gordon newspaper strip.

Harrison drew sketches to help the artist be more scientifically accurate, which the artist largely ignored. Not all of Harrison's writing was comic, though.

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He wrote many stories on serious themes, of which by far the best known is the novel about overpopulation and consumption of the world's resources, Make Room! For a time Harrison was closely associated with Brian Aldiss. They collaborated on a series of anthology projects and did much in the s to raise the standards of criticism in the field, including institution of the John W.

Together they edited many anthologies of short stories, each one illustrating the major themes of SF, and although not intended as critical apparatus the books were a way of delineating the unique material of the fantastic. As committed internationalists, the two men created World SF, an organisation of professionals intended to encourage and enhance the writing of non-anglophone SF.

Harrison was a writer of fairly liberal worldview. Harrison's work often juxtaposes the thinking man with the man of force, although the "Thinking Man" often needs ultimately to employ force himself. Harrison did not win a major genre award for any specific work of fiction. His father, Henry Leo Dempsey, a printer who was partly of Irish descent, changed his name to Harrison soon after Harry was born. Harry did not know this himself until he was 30 years old, at which point he changed his name to Harry Max Harrison in court. Kirjassoff , [20] was Russian Jewish. She had been born in Riga , Latvia , and grew up in St.

Petersburg, Russia. Priest adds that he became a sharpshooter, a military policeman , and a specialist in the prototypes of computer-aided bomb-sights and gun turrets. In he enrolled in Hunter College in New York City and later ran a studio selling illustrations to comics and science fiction magazines. He was an advocate of Esperanto , claiming to "write and speak it with an automatic ease I have never been able to capture in any language other than my native English"; [28] he learned it, according to Christopher Priest, out of boredom during military service.

The language often appears in his novels, particularly in his Stainless Steel Rat and Deathworld series. He was the honorary president of the Esperanto Association of Ireland, where he had moved in the s, living with his family for a number of years in a then- state of the art home he built in the Vale of Avoca in County Wicklow. Harrison married Evelyn Harrison, whom he included in a cartoon he drew of the Hydra Club in They divorced in , [30] and Evelyn married the science fiction writer Lester del Rey shortly afterwards.

Harrison married Joan Merkler Harrison in Their marriage lasted until her death of cancer in They had two children, Todd born in and Moira born in , to whom he dedicated his novel Make Room! As the market for comics began to shrink, and then expire, Harrison started writing for science-fiction magazines. The paltry financial rewards led him The chance came with what seemed at the time like a large payment from a magazine for his first full-length novel, Deathworld. He drove his family in an antiquated camper van to Mexico and remained there for a year.

It was the first of many international moves, something that became characteristic. He went from Mexico to Britain, then to Italy , then to Denmark. He liked Denmark and stayed for seven years, seeing it as a perfect place to bring up his children, but eventually he realised that unless he made a conscious decision to leave, they could easily remain there for ever.

The family moved back to the US, to San Diego , California, where he reckoned heating bills would be low, but by the mids he was back in the UK. After many years of moving around and raising children, he spent most of his later years residing in Ireland. Because Harrison had an Irish grandparent, he was able to assume citizenship, and by taking advantage of the Irish scheme for writers , he enjoyed tax-free status.

Harrison also kept an apartment in Brighton for his frequent visits to England, and when Joan died in , his British home became permanent. Harrison's website announced his death on August 15, [32] [33] at his apartment in Brighton, England. On learning of his death, Harlan Ellison said, "It's a day without stars in it. See List of short stories by Harry Harrison. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. American science fiction author. Science fiction portal Visual arts portal. The Guardian. Guardian Media Group. Retrieved October 5, Los Angeles Times.

Los Angeles. Tribune Company. August 17, Internet Speculative Fiction Database. Retrieved Select a title to see its linked publication history and general information.

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Select a particular edition title for more data at that level, such as a front cover image or linked contents. The Independent. Library of America. Archived from the original on September 22, The Verge. Tor Books. August November Science Fiction Studies.

Greencastle, Indiana : DePauw University. Locus Publications. This was the official website of the hall of fame to The New York Times. For a better shopping experience, please upgrade now. Javascript is not enabled in your browser. Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. Learn how to enable JavaScript on your browser. Will they die? Will glory cover them or ignominy taint their name?

Only the morrow will tell. Watching over them is enigmatic veteran, Von.

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He knows that when soldiers fail, the army relies on veterans to fix them Starship Troopers meets archers and spider-cavalry in this military fantasy novelette from Greyhart Press, written by an author who served in the Armed Forces. Born far too many years ago, Nigel now live in Milton Keynes, middle England, with his good lady wife, and works in the IT industry in Berkhamsted.

He attends the Northampton SF Writers Workshop each month, where contributors work is subjected to very constructive critique. Nigel's ambition is to win the lottery and retire to the romantic coastline of Cornwall, there to remain until he become a part of the rugged scenery in the fullness of time.

He has a motor bike that's rusting nicely, and a car that serves as target practice for any birds that happen to be around. Sometimes he and his wife go for a cycle ride.

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Sort of. He says "We pedal for about yards then pause while pretending to adjust the chain or something. One day we hope to reach the end of the road. He has also written a children's fantasy novel, The Scrapdragon, that he is looking to place. Currently he is working on a series of vignettes under the working title of The Village, a collection of quirky tales with a linking theme. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books. Read an excerpt of this book!

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