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I think false hopes are really painful in the end and it will really destroy you. I think that's also why I've learned to protect myself from such things. I expect less. I have to. Because I believe that you can never control whay people will do Henceforth it is essential that you know how to manage disappointment, above all.

False Hopes? Democracy and the Resumption of Civil Wars

That helps deal with trust issues. Emotional piece. Beautifully written indeed rejection is better than false hope and though we seem hopeless, we are still hopeful. False hopes can be so heart-breaking; that's why I say that it's better to have less expectations about people to ensure you don't get disappointed once they fail you. It was a great read. Well when we receive false hopes.. Let's just move forward after. Great and emotional read xx. Great read!

This is exactly why I try not to have false hopes. However, there is always that certain person who you will continue to give that power to. You have to be cruel to be kind! In this world, false hope might give a sense of security, and comfort, but as in the name, its false. I love releasing expectations and being in the moment. Great happiness and freedom there. I truly admire your honesty. Great read. This article rightly explains to takecare of ourselves first.

I am also agree that a clear rejection is always better than fake promises. Hi there! If you read this blog. False Hopes Sunday, July 21, The cruelest thing of all is false hopes.

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The false hope syndrome: unrealistic expectations of self-change.

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  6. Hi Blog. That's how it works! Self-Care Ideas. Hello Blog. Keepgoing: Happy World Mental Day. The Hardest Part. Featured On. Total Pageviews. My Ultimate Idol Crushes. Foodie Trip: Feast International Buffet. Design by HJ. An instance of such longing or desire: Her hopes of becoming a doctor have not changed. A source of or reason for such longing or desire: Good pitching is the team's only hope for victory.

    Biography Bob, real name Leslie Townes Hope. He was awarded an honorary knighthood in Biography David Michael. She hoped she would have a career in the music industry. I hope you'll enjoy your stay in Roehampton.

    Switch to new thesaurus. Bob Hope , Leslie Townes Hope. Nothing but the paint on the face of existence; the least touch of truth rubs it off, and then we see what a hollow-cheeked harlot we have got hold of" [Lord Byron] "Abandon hope, all ye who enter here" [Dante Divine Comedy ]. He has lost all hope of becoming the president; He came to see me in the hope that I would help him; He has hopes of winning a scholarship; The rescuers said there was no hope of finding anyone alive in the mine. He's my last hope — there is no-one else I can ask.

    My hope is that he will get married and settle down soon.

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