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I'm dubious, I will never know what life brings for me. Some days, I believe in my abilities and Moments later, my other mind will interrogate me. Who am I and what do I bring by existing? I will never know since I'm so doubtful. Doubtful of all the beautiful things in life.

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Especially love, since I don't exist To love anymore. If we're not here to love, what are we here for? If we can barley live, why are we living after all. Maybe one day I'll find my path, But for now, I'll continue to be in a quandary. Carson Alexander Defelice Oct I'm emotionally detached, in twenty nine days ninety panic attacks, I see through your eyes, straight to your past, the times that you meant it when you really laughed.

Your crescents hate light, and descend through the day, I'm deciding my mind between painful and sane, dividing a line between not okay and opaque.

I know my life's doubtful, more mournful than most. Lost in translation as feeling the least, a leash on my brain and one sense of release. I wanna meet sharpness to puncture my breath, rather than losses I can't reconnect-. All feedback is welcome and appreciated This poem is about how unattached I am from myself.

I hope it makes sense. Lunden Gabriel Lee May I've been waiting for You. Well then I've lost it again. It's all gone, nothings left to find. There are no reasons for time, to unwind, to be blind to anything you find that's helpful. Doubtful, you see everything in me. From my malice to my chi. You feel it quick and it resonates your soul. Like the sound you get, when sliding wet flesh on a glass of water.

“Doubtful heart weakens mind.”

Your energy fluxuates, in such wavelengths, that my heart must beat along. To a song of your love. Of which i have never felt anything above. You can tell, whether I'm quivering or quaking, shivering, shaking. Your what I want most but whats hardest to keep. You're in reach of the stars but won't let yourself see.

I've been waiting for you, and I'll wait for eternity. Hold My Hand. Hold my hand And lead me through Traverse this land Together we two. Over unknown terrains Under weeping skies Through unforgiving plains Through pain and lies. Between grieving mountains And screaming valleys Feeding fevered delusions Fraught with delays and tarries. Beyond the hills and knolls Hopeful of salvation Surviving pits and falls Not knowing the destination. My hand still in yours An arduous odyssey Must stay the course Must complete this journey.

Bright skies up ahead Or so they promise Soon shall pass they said Soon will come release. Still in this; still walking Not soon expecting the end Still in this; still trudging Round this obscured treacherous bend. Doubtful mad endeavour I dragged you with me When this finally is over We'll look back and see. Glad that we were together Glad that together we came Never cease from being near Keep holding my hand, just the same.

Classy J Feb 6. While my homie fronts on me. Vigor dying whilst family crying that left me locked up now in a little celly. My proxy is dropping down which got me feeling worthless.

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Growing up in projects where one survives by snatching purses and killing snitches. While society bides their time by tying nooses. Rigged games yet we are told to give no excuses. So, a minority got no choice but to role with the punches. Vile nobility just loves hunting gooses. Stark contrast idly confides and resides Inside institutionalized nuances.

Some people can be such nuisances. Got me feeling like tony roaming through the different cosmoses.

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  • Lonely sinking feeling, with my hope which was once flickering but is now slowly fleeting. Reciprocal tensions pokes through my barriers like an unwelcomed greeting.

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    Jingling jester choirs who always be harping on my people. Little Bit Mar No title needed. The sun has risen. Another night past. Staring at this blank box Wondering what to write Doubtful as I am you will find this, It needs to be right. The truth seems to lack in taste.

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    • A story seems ill in good faith. My poems too blunt, My words too vague.

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      Years spent in search of words. Yet I've found none worthy. I'm a victim of time. It just never stops I think I'll find the words, If you're patient you'll see. Maybe by our next life, I'll be a master of words. Words spoken over again. But if you like that sort of thing I need a beta. I have a lot for you to read. Be prepared if you except the challenge that is me and my crazy, forever story writing mind. Props to whoever thinks they can handle this!

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      Just in case you were wondering. It was at this point I realized I was naked. Chapter 1 2. Chapter 2 3. Chapter 3 4. Chapter 4 5. Chapter 5 6. Chapter 6 7. Chapter 7 8. Chapter 8 9.

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