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Nearby words concussed , concussion , concussion grenade , concyclic , cond. See con- , damn.


Can be confused blame censure condemn see synonym study at blame condemn contemn. Examples from the Web for condemned The scheme has been condemned by civil liberties groups and queried by the National Association of Head Teachers. Bohemia under Hapsburg Misrule Various. If a building is immediately dangerous to public health and safety, the City can condemn it on an emergency basis.

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A building that is hazardous, but has not reached the status of dangerous may or may not be condemned as being unfit for human habitation. A condemned building cannot be occupied or used until the conditions which caused the condemnation are corrected.

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If it is occupied when it is condemned, it must be vacated promptly. The owner of a condemned building retains title and responsibility for the building. It is not the same as a unit of government taking title to a building under eminent domain and compensating the owner. The City posts a cardboard sign placard on a condemned building stating which City department condemned it, the date it must vacated, an order for it to remain vacant until the violations are corrected, and the penalties for removing or defacing the placard.

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