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30 DAY RESET Clean Eating Challenge | Urban Athlete Fitness Studio

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How do You Know if this Reset is for You?

The next step is to create a plan. What are your health goals?

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Do you want to lose a specific amount of weight, get fit enough to run a marathon or stop eating junk food once and for all? Define your goal and break it down into tasks you can achieve every day, from eating a certain amount of green vegetables to exercising for one hour each evening. But how do you stay on track? By measuring. Look at your goals and decide which metrics would be most helpful in assessing your progress. One metric might be your heart rate variability , which indicates how fast your heart reacts when you start exercising the higher the better.

Your gut has an important role to play, too. These weeks are your chance to clean all that bad stuff out of your body.

30 minute Full Body Yoga for Flexibility & Strength - Sarah Beth Yoga

Inflammatory foods that contain gluten, caffeine or artificial sugars have to go. Build a new foundation for better nutrition by remembering how food gives you energy.

Carbohydrates and fats are the main sources of energy in the human diet. We tend to rely on carbohydrates for energy, and as a result, consume more carbohydrates than we should. This causes fat to accumulate in our bodies, and can even lead to allergies and other complications.

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So try to switch to getting your energy from healthy fats, and reduce your carbohydrate consumption. But why stop now? Learn how to consume delicious things in a more sustainable way and take your body to the next level. Food, after all, should be enjoyable.

The health benefits of giving up all added sugar for a month—or more

For example, a small piece of dark chocolate every now and then can still be justifiable. Get your fix for wheat and grains by eating varieties that are soaked, sprouted or fermented. Quinoa is a great option. Dairy can also be a part of your diet, ideally raw or organically raised. After a summer filled with BBQs, vacations, patio hang outs and enjoying perhaps a few too many cocktails in the sun and wildfire smoke , many people start to think about getting back into routine and on track with diet and exercise.

With fall being a time of transition as the leaves turn color, cooler temperatures and less daylight, it can be a great time to make some transitions of your own. Many even view the beginning of fall time like the start of a new year, engaging in new projects and re-examining health and fitness goals. We spring-clean our homes, change the oil in our cars, and even revitalize our wardrobes. So why not clean our bodies, do they not deserve the same attention? Well, that may be true to an extent, however the body can only handle so much before it starts to get bogged down.

The body depends on the liver to regulate, store, produce, and secrete many important proteins and nutrients.

30 in 30: How to Start or Restart Well

When faced with daily stressors chemicals, heavy metals, pollution, processed foods, etc the liver can become overburdened, impacting its function and in turn impacting our metabolism, energy, sleep and mood for just a few examples. By taking a break from certain foods or substances, we can help restore optimal liver function, become more aware of how our bodies respond, learn how to best fuel our bodies and recognize what makes us feel good from within. Signs you could use a reset include: sluggishness, low energy, irritability, runny nose, sudden weight gain, constant infections, bloating or congestion.

When in fact, these symptoms are actually ways your body is communicating with you and showing you the signs of imbalances within.